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Young Businesswoman

Prices and Packages 

Adhoc services - £30 per hour

This is perfect if you are unsure of the hours you need or need help with a one off package



Retainers - £30 per hour

This is great if you know in advance the hours you need. Also it guarantees hours in my diary each month and for you to plan how much you will spend each month

You can choose  hours you would like to retain minimum hours you can retain is 5 hours 

To book a free Consultation call please

 or complete contact form  

These services are available in blocks of 5 hours.



5 hours a Month 

£150 Month 


10 hours a Month 

£300 Month 


15 hours a Month 

£450 Month 


20 hours a Month 

£600 Month 

Engagement package


This package focuses only on engagement  which includes 15 mins a day x4 times a week includes one platform:

• Replying to all comments from your followers and potential followers 
• Engaging with existing followers content

Following potential followers within your niche  

Email and diary management 


Focuses on managing your inbox

  • Check inbox twice a day 

  • Unsubscribe to spam emails 

  • Respond  to up to 5 emails per day

  • Notify you on urgent appointments and remind of daily meetings 

Social media package 


  • 16 posts created from clients stock images and photos to 1 platform

  • Engaging 1 hour a week with followers and potential clients within niche 

  • Scheduling posts weekly

  • Caption/Copywriting with hashtags

  • 3 Stories  a  week 



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